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Samarcu SRL, a Romanian company with Italian capital, was founded in 2002, later being a member of the Otlav - Italia Group - its majority shareholder.
Samarcu was built after European criteria to manage the high exigencies of the productivity and quality of the parent Company, specializing in electrolytic galvanization with swivel-drums, in powder coating and assembly operations plus packaging.
This fact enables us to offer a complete cycle of the products, from the surface finishes to packing up, optimising the maximum time and the achievement costs.
The modern factory consists in various production departments, equipped with production lines and machinery of last western generation.
This technology, thanks to the use of PLC, software production and management, enables the control, even remotely, all major phases, thus ensuring the traceability, and above all maintaining the temporal high quality standards achieved.
The proof of our operating style is the integrated Authorization for the Environment nr. SB 02, achieved in 2004 by Samarcu, being among the first companies in Romania.
Situated in the middle of Transylvania- Ludus town - Mures county, Samarcu represents one of the companies that sustain the development of Ludus town, offering jobs for its inhabitants. As the same time Samarcu possesses the integrated Authorization for the Environment, being a respectful company as concern the European environmental norms, assuring a clean working-place, ecological and without any kind of impact upon the environment and the citizens of the town.
Samarcu represents by means its technology, a benchmark for all the companies which want to be competitive into the EU.